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Do you guys ever just think about time and how fast it passes?

13th September, 2006. 8:40 am.(kissmeliss)

Could this be great news?

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x-posted to all the Brendan Leonard Show communites I could find

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22nd July, 2004. 10:15 pm.(bethie88)

C'mon guys! Post some fics...This thing is already playing dead...Maybe it is dead! HELP!

(call it a hose)

2nd July, 2004. 9:31 am.(bethie88)

Chapter 7Collapse )

(call it a hose)

2nd July, 2004. 9:29 am.(bethie88)

Chapter 6Collapse )

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2nd July, 2004. 9:23 am.(bethie88)

Chapter 5Collapse )

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2nd July, 2004. 9:22 am.(bethie88)

Chapter 4Collapse )

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2nd July, 2004. 9:21 am. OK...(bethie88)

Chapter 3Collapse )

(call it a hose)

2nd July, 2004. 9:18 am. More!(bethie88)

Chapter 2Collapse )

(call it a hose)

2nd July, 2004. 9:10 am. Settling Down(bethie88)

OK, I already posted this in the brendanshow  community, but here it is anyway!

Title: Settling Down

Rating: G

Description: Robbie Karver needs his freedom, so why does one girl keep distractiong him from the one thing he thinks he needs?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the guys...I own Beth, Julie, Carly, Michelle, Drew, Mason, Kayleigh, and pretty much anybody you haven't heard of before...

Chapter 1Collapse )

(call it a hose)